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In progress...

Here goes the Work in Progress list ...

  • Code cleanup + fix bugs (features will come later).

Here goes the Bugs'n Things to Do list ...

  • [bug?] when Rick dies while climbing a ladder, it come back with a "climbing" sprite. Looks like a reset of the sprite would be needed.
  • [bug] the sound pointer associated to the jewel in Egypt points to nowhere, thus freezing the game
  • [feature] provide a mean to come back to original Atari graphics, i.e. having rick on front all the time (never hidden by foreground map elements)
  • [feature] provide a mean to find out which map/submap is currently playing
  • [bug] when compiling on Windows w/VC++ SDL does not seem to use Windows keyboard mapping
  • [bug?] joystick crashes on BeOS?
  • [bug?] pause on loss of focus does not work on BeOS, and acts strangely on Windows
  • [bug] must cleanup the code to get rid of compiler warnings
  • [bug?] does xrick segfaults on exit? I can't reproduce this
  • [feature] implement a demo mode
  • [feature] implement a "save game" option
  • [feature] implement a "main menu"
  • [feature] On the Atari ST, there is a smooth (fade-out/fade-in) transition between screens
  • [todo] Find out how to set an embedded icon (Linux and Cygwin) ... SDL_WM_SetIcon seems fine on Linux, not on Windows. No mask is set on Linux?
  • [bug?] Although it is an exact replica of the original map, I can't find out how submap 19 can be played ...
  • [bug] intro should run faster
  • [bug?] not sure fullscreen runs ok on laptops
  • [feature] implement some sort of filtering on graphics so they look smoother

Version #021212

Released on Decembre 12, 2002:

  • Reworked the build system so xrick can easily be built on Unix boxes as well as on non-Unix boxes (do not rely on symbolic links, etc.).
  • Use function keys instead of numeric keys for various game controls, as some non-US keyboard require that SHIFT is pressed for numbers (A. Majorel).
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in command-line parameters handling (A. Majorel).
  • Joystick is (hopefully) OK now (S. Chauveau).
  • Implemented all sounds: music, effects, etc.
  • The sound was horrible on Windows due to a poorly dimensionned sound buffer. Fixed.
  • Re-ripped all sounds. This time I used STeem with debugger to save each sound as a WAV file, then Audacity to filter an annoying static noise produced by STeem, then SOX to re-sample.

Version #010808

Released on August 8, 2001:

  • Alpha sound support, Basic sounds are here, including the Waaaaaa of Death, but music is not implemented. The quality is far from being perfect -- it's alpha.
  • Finished Hall of Fame ("congratulations" banner, etc.)
  • Added an "xrick" splash screen
  • Various minor bugfixes
  • New command line options: -nosound to disable sound, and -vol <vol> to set volume to <vol>
  • Man page (thanks to André Majorel)
  • Cheats now an option that can be turned off at compile time
  • Updated -help text
  • Add "500" animation when capturing bonus
  • Add a switch so that zombies (everything that has been killed) can not be hidden by foreground tiles
  • Discovered that initial values for Hall of Fame differ on Atari and PC -- fixed
  • Still no feedback about joystick support. However, by comparing w/other SDL apps, it seems I had up/down swapped -- fixed. But it remains alpha
  • Disabled "pause of focus" for BeOS -- it seems there are problems w/focus management on BeOS and the game would always go to pause

Version #010721

Released on July 21, 2001. Plenty of code cleanup, plus:

  • Implement hall of fame (ongoing, need to improve presentation)
  • Alpha joystick support (I have no joystick and therefore can not test that it works), please report bugs.
  • Hide the mouse cursor on the screen
  • Automagically determine fullscreen zoom level (no more problem w/missing 320x200 setup under X)
  • Pause when window is de-activated (i.e. focus was lost). Must press P to play again (i.e. gaining focus does not automatically restart the game). Also added a "pause" indicator to make it clear when the game is paused.
  • Got rid of tiles bank #1 for ST, as it was a copy of bank #0 (for IBM the two banks differ)
  • Reworked the sprites display system, wich was rather dirty and was the cause of several display bugs
  • Packaging: I have been playing with automake/autoconf, but it's going to take some time until I can do what I want with it. I wonder if it's not a bit of an overkill: I'll probably stick with the current system for a while.
  • Fix various things: scroller period set to 24, game over screen for ST graphics, adjust positions for ST graphics, proper ST bomb animation, IBM graphics for map 2 and 3, ...
  • Bug fix: connection problem between submaps 0x11 and 0x12
  • Bug fix: map 3, when dogs run fast enough, "expose" cheat mode leaves a dirty trail
  • Bug fix: map 4, the rocket traps leave a trail of old sprites which only slowly get cleared
  • Bug fix: submap 47, wrong sprites sequence (bug in the original IBM PC version of the game. replaced by a valid sequence)

Version #010710

Released on July 10, 2001:

  • Code cleanup (so I can figure out what I am doing)
  • Now compiles and runs on Windows under Cygwin (with SDL 1.2.1)
  • New "config" system (yes I'd rather use automake/autoconf but I need to figure out how to do it)
  • Fix bug in "trainer" cheat mode (bombs and bullets always stay at six but lives would go down to zero and then xrick segfaulted)
  • Make it possible to exit the game (via ESC) from everywhere, including the introduction, game over, etc. screens
  • Properly lock and unlock SDL surfaces
  • New parameters: -fullscreen, -zoom (default is 2), -speed (replaces -p)
  • Got rid of "sprites planes" for PC-CGA graphics
  • Add support for arrow keys in addition to original keys
  • Make it possible to close the window (and thus abort the game)
  • Fix bug w/dynamite sticks remaining lethal forever after they'd exploded
  • Fix bug w/scrolling having a small delay at the end
  • Fix bug w/cheat infos appearing during intro, hall of fame, etc.
  • Keys config via -keys command line option
  • Allow jump to any map/submap via -map and -submap command line options
  • Added an icon for Windows

Version #010315

Released on March 15th, 2001. First public release.

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